The Eagle Enterprise Team

James E. Carsten
Founder & President, Eagle Investigative Services, Inc.

James Carsten is the Founder and President of Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. He is a U.S. Army CW2, Retired. James’s career included the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command as a Special Agent, Team Chief, Special Agent in Charge, and Task Force Commander. He was also in the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command as an Interrogator, Strategic Debriefer, and Human Intelligence Collector. James is a subject matter expert in Strategic Investigative Planning, Advanced Interviewing Techniques, and Advanced Investigative Technologies. He is also a Certified Forensic Experimental Trauma Interviewer (FETI).

James has extensive experience in intelligence collection and strategic debriefing in real-time battlefield applications. He produced accurate, detailed, comprehensive reports which generated or validated vital intelligence to various agencies of the U.S. Intelligence community. He conducted and managed criminal investigations into Persons and Property Crimes, Frauds, and Counter Drug.

James’s enhanced skill sets in information collection and analyzation through interviewing and strategic debriefing has given Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. clients a level of verified information not seen before in the investigative services industry.

Matthew W. Thornton
VP Business Development

Matthew Thornton is VP Business Development for Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. Matt has been a licensed investigator for 5 years. He has secured contracts with the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force for Genealogy Research Services to assist in the repatriation of MIA/KIA soldiers from WW II.

Prior to joining Eagle, Matt was an entrepreneur for 8 years, as a premier business coach and educator for transitioning veterans wanting to take control of their destinies through the entrepreneurship track. Prior to this, Matt spent 40 years in Manufacturing, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, and Sales Leadership with world class companies. Matt brings his unique training and experiences to the investigative services profession. He earned a BA in Business Management from Indiana State University, and has completed extensive continuing education throughout his career.

Joshua P. Taylor
Director of Contracting

Joshua is the Director of Contracting for Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. He is a U.S. Army CPT, Retired. As a Logistics Officer, Josh planned and facilitated supplies and services through contracting and procurement. Josh has been tantamount to the success of many military exercises in the middle east and has deployed in a combat service support role 3 times in Afghanistan and 3 times in Jordan during his military career. His experiences and certifications have made him an expert in the field of contract management, procurement, and contractor vetting by means of background investigations. Josh’s proven abilities as an operations planner and leader are an asset to Eagle Investigative Services, Inc.

Josh earned an MA in Human Services with a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Liberty University, a BA in Executive Leadership, and a BA in Biblical Studies from Cincinnati Christian University. He also earned a Certification in Logistics Management from the Army Logistics University. Josh’s military service has resulted in 2 Bronze Stars and 2 Meritorious Service Medals from the U.S. Army.